More About Me

Why choose Aaron Kahn?

As a full time Windermere agent since 1999, I can tell you that Experience Matters. My experience helping clients make good decisions will allow me to assist you as well!

What can I do for you?

My job is to be an advocate for my clients best interests. By asking careful questions, and listening quietly, I strive to learn what my clients goals are- this gives me my job description for a given client. My biggest value is helping my clients gather the information they need to make good decisions about their future. My technical skills include strong negotiation experience, knowledge of Seattle neighborhoods & home construction techniques, and the ability to track multiple details simultaneously. My passion for, and knowledge of, "Green" lifestyle choices allows me to bring my clients value in the choice of locations, homes, and possible future upgrades.

What is my specialty?

I don't specialize by price or location, but use my clients goals as my guide. I work the in-city neighborhoods of Seattle, and my skills are transferable across price points. From first time buyers in lower price points, to folks who are looking at waterfront, the process is basically the same- but the details are different. Part of my initial meeting with clients is to determine if we are a good fit, and also to determine if I am the right agent for them.

Buying or selling your home is a stressful situation. By discussing possible issues before they arise, I help my clients feel comfortable and in control throughout the process- Let me help you.